Job Opening

Job Title: Associational Missionary Strategist 

Organization: Frontier Baptist Association (FBA)

Location: Buffalo-Niagara, NY (WNY Region) 

Compensation: Full-Time

About Us: 

Serving the WNY Region since 1958, the FBA comprises approximately 40 churches with over 2500 members of SBC work in Western New York (WNY). We help churches advance the Great Commandment and the Great Commission by strengthening disciple-making culture and catalytic leadership, serving the community, sharing hope with neighbors, and sending workers to the nations, all to see life transformation across WNY. 

We want to live up to Buffalo's name: The City of Good Neighbors. As the second-largest city in New York, Buffalo is a popular place to live on the East Coast thanks to its high affordability, exceptional job market, and great recreation—including festivals, professional sports teams, and more. "Holiday with Us" Tours and Travels writes: “Many are surprised to find that WNY is nothing like the stereotypical skyscrapers of NYC with natural wonders like Niagara Falls, just a short drive away. The region offers numerous outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, and water sports in the nearby Finger Lakes and Adirondack Mountains.” 

Metro Buffalo offers a rich quality of life with its affordable living, vibrant community, diverse cultural offerings, and a strong sense of community. While the winters can be challenging, snow-fed grass and moderate temperatures make beautiful summers in WNY like nowhere else in the country. Buffalo was recently named by the College Financing Group as the top mid-sized city for college graduates. “Falling in the top spot for mid-sized cities, we have to say we agree with Goldilocks. Not too big and expensive, or too small and boring, Buffalo is just right.” We couldn’t agree more. 

We have found that WNY people are outgoing, spiritually receptive, and make meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. During the Second Great Awakening, Charles Finney referred to WNY as the “Burned Over District.” Not a spiritually combative area, openness to church planting and missional activity has been a long-staple of the FBA historical narrative; a heritage of faith we desire to carry long into the future. 

Position Overview: 

The FBA is seeking a Full-Time, visionary Associational Missionary Strategist (AMS) to be dedicated to lead our church network. The ideal candidate will be a spiritual leader, strategic thinker, and skilled administrator who can guide our association in fulfilling its mission to spread the gospel and support our partner churches. 

The role involves both strategic and hands-on responsibilities, fostering unity, growth, and mission fulfillment within the association.The AMS serves like the Apostle Paul who brought his God to the forefront of what he did every day around the people with whom he was present every day: he served them, he shared with them, he did life with them, and he prayed for them. He was intentional, he was relentless, and he did it all for the glory of God. Paul's life calling was in the pursuit that people would see and hear about Jesus. 

Our pastors meet weekly for prayer, and firmly believe we are at a strategic time of great opportunity. God has blessed our financial reserves in such a way that we can be active in stewarding God's resources in order to accomplish God’s mission. We are seeking a man of God who has taken responsibility for those in his circle of accountability, has a proven record of disciple making, and has a calling to lead our churches forward to advance the Kingdom of God. 



Application Process: Please submit the following to by September 1st, 2024: 

We look forward to receiving your application and are excited to see how God will continue to work through the Frontier Baptist Association to advance His Kingdom in Western New York. Grace and Peace be with you. - The FBA Search Team